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About Us



Ningbo Qixing Electromechanical, is a combination of production and trade, industry and trade integration business.

It was founded in 1998 and is a pioneer and leader in technology in the filed of machining products.

That means over 20 years of experience in a deep knowledge of the processes in production and a high degree of reliability and continuity.

Today, QX is a successful family business. Neither its growth nor enlarging have changed this important aspect of its identity: dealing with QX is not personal, but as a family. The satisfaction of its customers and employee is more important than anything else. This is guaranteed by its vast experience coupled with desire for a reliable, trustworthy cooperation.

QX doesn’t fall behind. It keeps appealing to the skilled technicians to join in and have more and more advanced machines. This results in the high precision products and stable quality.

Currently, the production lines include below series:

  • lithium battery accessories
  • fire accessories
  • auto parts
  • quick release coupling
  • welding accessories

If you have any needs or questions, please contact us freely.


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